About Plus-Plus Builds

My name is Tobias and im from Denmark. Im the creator behind Plus-Plus Builds and I’m very fond of expressing my creativity though Plus-Plus, making videos and answering comments on my content. It’s my passion and I LOVE IT! 🙂

My biggest goal is to make the best community of Plus-Plus enthusiasts, where we can all share our creations and ideas. It’s still very small, but it’s growing every month.

I’m not affiliated with the Plus-Plus company or any shops who sell Plus-Plus. Im just a fan. However I have been in contact with both Plus-Plus Official and Plus-Plus USA.

Another really big dream is if the Plus-Plus company decided to make a tube with one of my builds, but this is out of my control, so not on my list.

How can I support you?

The best things you can do:

  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  • Like the videos you enjoy
  • Give me feedback by writing comments
  • Spread the word of Plus-Plus Builds by sharing it with other people

Thank you so much for showing an interest in supporting me 🙏

How can I contact you?

Contact though everything named Plus-Plus Builds are always ok, preferable though public means, so everybody can see the question/answer.

Private messages are also ok, if there is a good reason for it to be private. You can write to me directly here.

My identity is not a secret, but I prefer a bit of privacy, so please don’t contact my private social media accounts.

Official Plus-Plus medias

Everything not listed below is not created by me. Sadly there are people out there, who copy me and steal my content.

Im active on these medias:

I own these but im not super active:

I build something awesome. Want to see it?

YES! And many others want to see it as well. Drop a picture or video in our Facebook group (Plus-Plus ideas).

Permissions to use content

Please do not use content without permission. If you ask I will most likely give you permission, but without it you are doing something illegal. This goes for all videos, images, texts and any other copyright material.

If you need permission to use something, then comment on the video/image/text you want to use and we will take it from there. Expect some sort of credit with link to the original content.

YouTube embed video on your own website/blog is allowed and doesn’t require further credit.

Permission to use original builds

This is totally fine, just remember credit with link.


Original build by Plus-Plus Builds: https://www.youtube.com/c/PlusPlusBuilds

Also drop a comment if you make some of my builds, I would love to see it and I might even promote it or do shout-out at some point 🙂

Can I be your sponsor or buy ads

Properly not. I don’t really want to have sponsors unless it really benefits the Plus-Plus community in some way. I might promote free giveaways or share some news about a new Plus-Plus products, but the community is worth far more to me than some quick bucks.

If you feel it’s relevant then contact me here