Where can I get Plus-Plus blocks

plus plus education mix
My birthday gift Plus-Plus education mix 6000 pieces. With Plus-Plus basic, neon and pastel colors.

Plus-Plus blocks can be bought a lot of places. In this article I will go thought your options on where you can get these amazing building blocks toys.

First important thing is where do you live in the world? Plus-Plus are sold around the world and they don’t have one central place where they are sold like Lego.

What is good value when I buy Plus-Plus

There is an easy trick to check if you get good value when you buy Plus-Plus. What you do is divide the price with the number of Plus-Plus you get. Lets do some examples:

Tube with the Saturn V Rocket, 240 piecesprice 14.99$

14.99/240 = 0.062$ per Plus-Plus block

Plus-Plus tubes are really cool and might seem cheap, but in term of value they are one of the most expensive ways of buying Plus-Plus. However this is still a really good way to find out if Plus-Plus building blocks are something for you or your children. It can also be great if you need certain colors that are in the tube.

Set with Knight’s Castle, 740 pieces and 2 big base platesprice 39.99$

Big base plates cost 9.99$ dollars for 2

(39.99$-9.99$)/740 = 0.040$ per Plus-Plus block

However this example is only fair if you wanted to buy big base plates anyway. If you don’t need them then it would look like this:

(39.99)/740 = 0.054$ per Plus-Plus block

Still better than the tube example before, but a lot more expensive if you just want the blocks, so keep that in mind.

Plus-Plus Education, 6000 pieces – price 165$

165/6000 = 0.027$ per Plus-Plus block

Now that is a good price. Actually I got my Plus-Plus education mix with 6000 pieces on sale for 85 dollars! You might not find an offer as good as mine, but it’s by far the cheapest option. If you don’t need that many, then maybe you can share it with someone or give it to someone of it as a gift.

However it seems that the education bundles are not that widely sold. In my Country Denmark you have a lot of options, but this is something worth checking out.


USA is one of the biggest markeds Plus-Plus and therefor there are also a lot of options. The website called plusplususa.com is properly the biggest of them. They have a very wide collection of tubes/sets/boxes, so if you want something specific you will most likely find it here. Another option is Wallmart, check the toy section and see if they have Plus-Plus. Finally there is Amazon, where you can most likely get free shipping, they should also have a good selection to choose from.

  • Plus-Plus USA
  • Wallmart
  • Amazon


France is a big marked for Plus-Plus, so you should have a lot of good options to get your blocks here. Start with their official website plus-plus.fr and see if they have what you are looking for. Try also the locale toy stores and locale webshops in your country.

  • Plus-Plus France – Boutique Officielle Plus-Plus France
  • Locale toy stores
  • Locale toy webshops


Plus-Plus is a Danish invention, so there are of course a lot of toy stores in Denmark. What I often do is look the set I want on PriceRunner and see where I can get the best deal. By using PriceRunner I found the best prices at the the time was a webshop called Pixizoo and thats where I got most of my Plus-Plus blocks.

  • Pixizoo
  • Fætter BR
  • Bog & idé
  • panduro
  • Bilka
  • Sometimes also seen in Netto, Rema, Fakta and føtex


If you are not from any of the countries mentioned above then you should try google “Buy Plus-Plus” and see what shows up. Make sure to check shipping fee since this can have a large impact on the price. Amazon would also be a good place to start and they will most likely have some Plus-Plus tubes/sets, that can be shipped to your home.

  • Amazon
  • Try locale toy stores
  • Try locale and international webshops

Giveaways: Free Plus-Plus

Plus-Plus official, Plus-Plus USA, Plus-Plus France and so on, will often do giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so these are worth looking out for. It could be the small Plus-Plus tubes or even some of the bigger sets like Plus-Plus Go.
Make sure to read the rules. Sometimes you have to make a certain comment or come from a certain country or region like EU in order to compete. I think it’s worth looking out for if you want some free goodies and if you use the official Plus-Plus social medias, then you can be pretty sure it’s legit.

Plus-Plus Black Friday

If you want a lot of value for your money, it’s worth looking out for Black Friday deals. Make sure to check the prices some months before Black Friday, since it’s not uncommon for shops to increase the price up to Black Friday, so the discount looks better. You can find the Plus-Plus Black Friday offers at the places mentioned in the sections above.