Plus-Plus Poké Ball instructions (Easy step by step guide)

Red = Poké Ball, Blue = Great Ball, Yellow = Ultra ball, Purple = Master ball

Today we are going to make somePoké Balls out of Plus-Plus. A thing I really like besides Plus-Plus is Pokemon, so today I will share some easyPoké ball instructions. You can use them together with some of my Pokemon builds or make your own.

It actually pretty difficult to make a circle out of Plus-Plus, if you haven’t already realised it. I tried for hours to find a good way to make a smallPoké Ball out of Plus-Plus.

This is the build I ended up with and I think it’s pretty clear to see what it is. You also only need the basic colors with is a bonus for some. I tried making it in 4 different colors and I think they all work really well.

Alright let’s create somePoké balls!


Time estimate: 2 minute build

What you need for this build:

  • 6 (red for poke ball, blue great ball, yellow ultra ball and purple master ball)
  • 4 white
  • 1 black

Plus-Plus instructions

I made a video to show how it’s build.

Plus-Plus: Small Poké Ball Instructions (Easy Build)

More Plus-Plus Pokemon instructions

Now that you have made some Plus-Plus Poké Balls you are ready to catch some Plus-Plus Pokemon, but how to build them? Don’t worry I have a lot of Pokemon builds you can try, here are some of my favorites:

Plus-Plus: Pikachu (Pokemon) Instructions
Plus-Plus: Butterfree (Pokemon) Instructions
Plus-Plus: Eevee (Pokemon) Instructions
Plus-Plus: Charizard (Pokemon) Instructions
Plus-Plus: Mewtwo (Pokemon) Instructions

Playlist with all Pokemon builds

Want even more Pokemon instructions? Then see my playlist below with all my builds so far in this series. The order is by Pokédex number.

If you made it this far, then please consider leaving a comment with you favorite Pokemon! It always makes me happy to hear from other people 🙂

Plus-Plus: Bulbasaur (Pokemon) Instructions
Playlist with all my Pokemon builds


  1. I find these instructions a bit confusing and the video a bit fast when trying to do it Step by step. I am over 55 However, I bought this for my 7 year old grandson.

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