plus-plus castle building instructions

In the post I will show how to build a tiny Plus-Plus castle. The instructions include but a building video and a step by step image guide, so you can make your own without any issues.

Im starting on this new Plus-Plus building series and this castle are the first on my list. I made it to look like the castle was on a small island with a little bridge to the mainland. The castle also have a red flag, but feel free to change it to the color of your liking.

If you have any ideas for other buildings I should do then make sure to comment on the video or in the comment section below.

Alright time to get building!

Difficulty: Easy

Time estimate: 3 minute build

What you need for this build:

  • 23 grey
  • 13 blue
  • 4 brown
  • 2 green
  • 1 red
  • 1 black

YouTube instructions

I made a short video of me building the castle. If you prefer images and descriptions instead then move to the next section.

Building A Plus-Plus Castle (Easy DIY Instructions)

Step by step guide

Time needed: 3 minutes

Let’s build a tiny Plus-Plus castle.

  1. Castle platform

    Grab 13 blue, 3 brown and 2 green Plus-Plus and make the platform seen

  2. Castle walls

    Let’s build the castle. We start by making 2d castle walls. Here you need 19 grey and 1 black Plus-Plus for the

  3. Making the castle 3d part 1 of 2

    Add the small walls you just build on top of the gate

  4. Making the castle 3d part 2 of 2

    Place the big wall without the gate on top. Now we have the basic structure of the castleplus-plus

  5. Making the castle more stabile

    To add a little more stability to the build we add 2 grey on top. plus-plus castle

  6. Castle flag

    A castle should have a banner or a flag. You can make a simple one out of 2 grey, 1 brown and 1 red Plus-Plus. Feel free to change the color of the

  7. Add flag on top

    Place the flag you just build on top of the building. You are almost done castle

  8. Finish Plus-Plus castle build

    Connect the castle with plus-plus castle building

More easy Plus-Plus builds

If you liked this little castle build, then check out some of my other easy builds, maybe there are something you want to build.

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  1. Hi could u make something whit a lot of brown? No blue yellow green or red tho and no white either just brown and grey if u have already made something whit these 2 colours could you please send me the blog/video link?

  2. Hej just some feed back👍. Its some good tutorials, but kan u make tutorials on how to start your own little thing, fx some good shapes to know. Love your work🤩

  3. This helped me so much! I needed some ideas to help me build with my Plus-Plus. I have a lot of Plus-Plus, by the way.

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