What are Plus-Plus blocks? Mini and big

plus plus basic tube
Plus-Plus basic tube

Plus-Plus is a kind of building blocks toy made in one single shape. It kinda looks like two plus signs melted together ++. It is in many ways like Lego, since you can build all kind of things, but you don’t need different pieces.

Plus-Plus blocks come in a large amount of different color variations, so there are a lot of room for creativity. The colors comes in 3 major sets basic, neon and pastel.

You can build things in 2D (pixel art/mosaic) or 3d so with multiple dimensions.

When we talk about Plus-Plus it’s also very important to mention to decide which size you want to buy them in. There are two sizes mini and big also sometimes called Plus-Plus midi. You can’t mix these two sizes together when you build something, but you could make a castle out of the big blocks and knights and horses out of the mini blocks.

Plus-Plus are made out of recycled plastic and is produced with 100% wind energy. So they are very good for the environment, compared to many other toys. Another thing to note is that Plus-Plus is approved to be used for food and other consumables, so if you want you could make a bowl for candy.

Plus-Plus mini

Plus-Plus mini are made for anyone above 5 years. It’s important that younger kids don’t get these since they can swallow them hole. I wouldn’t say there is a max age for these amazing toys, but teenagers might stop playing with them and maybe return to them later in life.

Plus-Plus mine are extremely good value, since the are so small and you get a lot of them even in the small tubes.

Who is Plus-Plus mini for? I would say any kid above 5 years or adult who likes being creative. This toy are also gender neutral, since you can build pretty much anything you can imaging.

Age: 5 to 99 years

Plus-Plus midi / Plus-Plus big

Plus-Plus midi/big is officially designed for kids between 3 and 14 years old. The blocks are big enough so a 3 year old can’t swallow them. Plus-Plus big are great to help your kid learning hand control / fine motor skills. It’s also a way to learn about creativity in a young age. The age limit is set to 14 years, I think that is fine, since most will properly move to Plus-Plus mini when they get older.

Plus-Plus big/midi seems a little more expensive since it takes more plastic to make a single block, so when you buy the smaller tubes you might only get 9 blocks. This limits the things you can build, so you might want to start out with a bigger set or multiple tubes.

Age: 3 to 14 years