Plus-Plus beyblade spinner

A fun project with Plus-Plus blocks is to make your very own beyblade/spinning top. There are many ways to do this and in this post I will give you some instructions on how to make your own. Making a Plus-Plus spinner is easy and rewarding and you can spent a lot of time trying to improve the design. You can also use Plus-Plus of any size (mini or big).

Here is a short video, so you know what a Plus-Plus spinner looks like:

Plus-Plus Ideas Spinning Top / Beyblade #shorts

How to make a good Plus-Plus beyblade?

One think you should know is that a wider spinner will typically spin for a longer period of time while the small once will spin very briefly. By making a really wide beyblade spinner you can make it spin for a minute or maybe even more.

Another very important to make a good spinner is to make sure the point of contact with the floor is as little as possible. If the edges hit the floor it will slow down the spinner.

Last tip, make sure it’s stable. You want the spinner to have equal weight on both sides. If one side is heavier then it will spin out of control.

Plus-Plus spinner colors

I really like mini Plus-Plus neon for my spinners. They really shines for this kind of builds. However they are by no means necessary, so use what you have.

The Classic Plus-Plus spinner

I would say this is the most common Plus-Plus spinner to see, but for good reasons. First it’s easy and fast to make and secondly you can make it very wide if you want.

Try to make the spinner wider that I did in this video and see what happens.

The "Classic" Plus-Plus Spinning Top Instructions

If you like the classic spinner build then try my variation called The Spider.

The "Spider" Plus-Plus Spinning Top Instructions

The Thunderbolt Plus-Plus spinner

Im very proud I got to name this Plus-Plus spinner myself. It’s an original spinner build very seen before and it was made by my brother. Really awesome stuff. Try to make it and give it a spin!

The "Thunderbolt" Plus-Plus Spinning Top Instructions

The Boulder Plus-Plus spinner

Another common Plus-Plus spinner design. It’s a bit tricky to make the first time, but after that you can properly make a ton of them without needing a tutorial. This one does not have a name as far as a know, so I decided to give it one (inspired by The Boulder from Avatar the Last Airbender).

It seems to me that this spinner is a bit out of control when you spin it, but give it a try!

The "Boulder" Plus-Plus Spinning Top Instructions

If you like it then try this variation with wings called the Throwing Star.

The "Throwing Star" Plus-Plus Spinning Top Instructions

What now?

Here are some things you can try.

  • Test which spinner is best and last longest
  • Try different colors and make a really cool spinner
  • Improve one of the designs or make your own


    • I found out that you can throw them near the ground/floor or in a wide wooden plate and add crazy gimmicks like puting a wheel piece on a boulder

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