Plus-Plus animal creations

In this post we are going to make 3 cool Plus-Plus animal ideas with step by step instructions. They are easy to make and remember, so you can always make them. We are only going to use basic Plus-Plus blocks, so you most likely have the colors already, if not I encourage you to try with the colors you have.


Time estimate: 1 minute build

What you need for these builds


  • 4 white
  • 3 orange


  • 7 green


  • 6 black
  • 3 orange
  • 2 white

Plus-Plus tutorial – YouTube

I made this short video to show how they are build. In the next section I will go though it step by step.

Plus-Plus Creations: 3 Easy Animals In 1 Minute #shorts

Step by step guide

Time needed: 1 minute

Let’s make 3 easy Plus-Plus animals.

  1. Duck part 1 of 2

    Start på getting 4 white Plus-Plus blocks and 3 orange.
    You need 3 of the white and 2 orange for the body and a white and an orange for the head.
    plus-plus duck

  2. Duck part 2 of 3

    This is what the body of the duck should look like from the other side.
    plus-plus duck

  3. Duck part 3 of 3

    Place the head on the body and you now have your own tiny Plus-Plus duck.
    plus-plus duck

  4. Frog part 1 of 2

    For the frog build you only need 7 green blocks. Make the 2 weird shapes below. The first is going to the head the other will be it’s frog

  5. Frog part 2 of 2

    Put the two shapes together and here you go. A tiny Plus-Plus frog. Easy right?plus-plus frog

  6. Penguin part 1 of 6

    Find 2 black, 1 white and 1 orange block. These are going to be used for the penguins head.
    plus-plus penguin

  7. Penguin part 2 of 6

    Now we will start on the body of the penguin. Find a black and a white Plus-Plus and put together like this.
    plus-plus penguin

  8. Penguin part 3 of 6

    Add 2 more black blocks on penguin

  9. Penguin part 4 of 6

    Add a single black block on penguin

  10. Penguin part 5 of 6

    Almost done. Get 2 orange Plus-Plus we are going to use them as it’s feet. plus-plus penguin

  11. Penguin part 6 of 6

    Add the head from the first penguin step on top and you are done!plus-plus penguin

More Plus-Plus animal tutorials

Can’t get enough of making Plus-Plus animals? Then don’t worry, I have a long playlist with other animal builds you can try.

Making a Plus-Plus Seagull


  1. Can you do a lemonade stand because there is a really funny song that has a duck and a lemonade stand in it

    If you do, thank you!😁😁😁

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