plus-plus church building

Time for another Plus-Plus building instructions. This time we will build a small church on a green platform with a road, so you can connect it to something else. I decided to make it a classic and simple shape with a single tower for the bell.

I think this build goes really well with the Plus-Plus castle build for a medieval town. Some other things you could add would be a shared road, a well for water, houses, a windmill, some animal farms and perhaps a wall to protect the city.

Difficulty: Easy

Time estimate: 3 minute build

What you need for this build:

  • 19 white
  • 15 green
  • 6 orange
  • 3 grey
  • 1 brown

YouTube instructions

Here is the video guide for the build. If you want you can watch it and build along or you can go to the new section where I will go though every step in it’s making.

Building A Plus-Plus Church (Easy DIY Instructions)

Step by step guide

Time needed: 3 minutes

Let’s make a Plus-Plus church.

  1. The platform

    The platform follows my favorite Plus-Plus buildings pattern. Grab 18 green for grass and 3 grey for the

  2. Walls of the church

    Time to find a lot of white Plus-Plus blocks. You will need 19 white for the walls and 1 black for the door. (Sorry about the bad picture, I have a hard time getting good images with white Plus-Plus on white background)plus-plus

  3. Putting the church walls together part 1 of 3

    Take the front and two walls and put them

  4. Putting the church walls together part 2 of 3

    Add the back

  5. Putting the church walls together part 3 of 3

    Finish the tower by putting the blocks together as seen

  6. Done with the building.

    Now your Plus-Plus build should look something like this.

  7. Church roof

    Time for the roof. Get 6 orange Plus-Plus, we are going to use them to make a brick roof.

  8. Place roof on top

    Add the large roof to the side and the small roof on the tower. You are almost done church building

  9. Finish church build

    Place the church on top of the platform and you are done! Congrats on you tiny church building

More Plus-Plus buildings

I made a playlist with all of the Plus-Plus building I have made so far. Maybe there is something you would like to build.

Building A Plus-Plus Castle (Easy DIY Instructions)


  1. You can make a school and a market. These are actually the most essential things a village needs.

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