Plus-Plus “Among Us” tutorial (Easy build)

plus-plus among us imposter crew

Among Us is a game I really like, so I though why not make a Plus-Plus tutorial with this awesome game. In this post I will show how to make a crew member and how to turn your crew into an impostor!
You can pretty much use any color you like and easily make more.

Im very proud to have come up with this build myself and I hope you like enjoy it as well. Alright let’s build some Among Us characters!

Difficulty: Easy

Time estimate: 3 minute build (including variations)

What you need for this build:

  • 11 any color
  • 1 pastel blue or white

YouTube tutorial

For those who prefer a video guide, but if you would rather see pictures then see the next section. Also I made a new impostor variation and dead body build, that are not in the video.

Plus-Plus Among Us Crew & Imposter Instructions

Step by step tutorial

Time needed: 3 minutes

Tutorial on how to make your own Plus-Plus “Amoung Us” crew and impostor

  1. Crew legs and body

    Pick 7 Plus-Plus of the same color and make 2 legs and the body seen in the middle of the picture.crew member

  2. Crew legs and body together

    Put what just build together and it should look like this.crew

  3. Crew head and visor

    Pick 2 of you chosen color and a pastel blue (or white) for visor.crew head

  4. Crew body and head together

    Add it together and you should have something at looks like this.crew

  5. Crew backpack

    Time for the backpack. Add 1 of you of your chosen color.crew

  6. Crew backpack finish

    And 1 more chosen color and you are done with the backpack.crew backpack

  7. Crew ready for tasks

    Well done. Now you have your own Plus-Plus crew member. plus-plus among us crew

  8. Impostor with knife parts

    Make a nice out of a black, grey (or silver) and the color of your impostor for it’s arm.impostor with knife

  9. Impostor with knife finish

    Add the knife to the left or right side of the impostor.impostor with knife

  10. Impostor with tongue spike parts

    Make a tongue spike out of 3 black Plus-Plus and open the crew up at the visor.impostor spike tongue

  11. Impostor with tongue spike finish

    Add the tongue and make sure the head of the impostor sits tight so it does not fall off.impostor spike tongue

  12. Dead crew member parts

    We start exactly the same way as a crew but with a white Plus-Plus on top as the bone. plus-plus

  13. Dead crew member finish

    Put it all together and it should look like this.among us dead crew

More Plus-Plus builds

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