Quick little Plus-Plus tortoise tutorial, that you can make in less than a minute. I really like to make micro builds out of Plus-Plus. A micro build to me is a build that require very few blocks, but you are still able to see what it is supposed to be, in this case a tortoise.

Difficulty: Easy

Time estimate: 1 minute build

What you need for this build:

  • 9 green
  • 6 turquoise (or blue)

YouTube instructions

I made this little vertical recording of me building a Plus-Plus tortoise in less than a minute.

Plus-Plus Creation: 1 Minute Tortoise #shorts

Step by step guide

Time needed: 1 minute

Let us to build some Plus-Plus!

  1. Start by making it’s shell

    Put 3 green blocks together like this.

  2. Continue working on that shell

    Add two more on the sides

  3. Finish shell

    Add 4 more blocks like this and now we are done with the tortoise shell.

  4. Feet and tail

    Grab 5 turquoise blocks (blue is also fine) and use them as feet, tail and head

  5. Give it a head

    Place the head and you are done!plus plus tortoise

More Plus-Plus animals instructions

Want to build more Plus-Plus animals? I made a playlist with all my animal builds so far.

Making a Plus-Plus Seagull


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