Review Plus-Plus pastel colors

plus-plus pastel colors

The Plus-Plus pastel color scheme is a beautiful set of colors. All of the colors goes really great together. The set consists of 6 flavourful colors, that each bring something to the table. You might think this is a girly set, but these pastel Plus-Plus really offers something to any Plus-Plus fan and I have done countless builds where I use them.

With that being said, let’s review each color.

Pastel blue Plus-Plus

Pastel blue also something called baby blue. Hands down an amazing color. There are a great contrast between this blue and the basic blue, so they are both very combined. It could be something like a huge wave, where one side is pastel blue and the other side using the more dark basic blue.

I think this color is great for things like: Windows, water, the sky, vehicles, a lot of fish/whales and eyes

Rating 5/5 ⭐️

Pastel purple Plus-Plus

I think pastel purple is better basic purple, just because it’s lighter so it works better with most Plus-Plus colors. That being said I don’t use purple a lot, but if I had to chose one it would be the pastel purple. Some ideas for purple: Flowers, butterfly, aubergine and jellyfish.

Rating 2/5 ⭐️

Pastel green Plus-Plus

Pastel green is an excellent color. You should have no trouble using these. Try to mix it with the basic green when you make trees, they are great together!

Some Plus-Plus pastel green ideas could be all kind of plants, dinosaurs, green animals like lizards, aliens, fruit and vegetables.

Rating 5/5 ⭐️

Pastel pink Plus-Plus

The pastel pink to maybe we should just call it pink, is a unique color compared to the other pastels that are just a pastel version of the basic Plus-Plus colors. I find it to have a lot of uses. Here are some ideas you can try: skin color, some animals like a pig or flamingo, Hello Kitty and Curby.

It’s great to get this completely new color, so any true Plus-Plus fan should own this.

Rating 4/5 ⭐️

Pastel yellow Plus-Plus

This is not a favorite color of mine. When I first got the pastel yellow, I saw that it looked very much like basic yellow but not exactly the same. I though it was some kind of newer production where they changed the yellow color, but no it’s pastel yellow.

When you have a large box of Plus-Plus, it can be hard to tell yellow colors a part and when mixed together at random in a build it looks really bad. I have found a few uses where it helps having two shades of yellow, but in the most cases it’s not very helpful and I have been thinking about putting them in a seperat container. For those reasons I have to give it the lowest score.

Rating 1/5 ⭐️

Pastel white Plus-Plus

What is the difference between pastel white and basic white you might ask? None it’s the same. So if you buy a set of pastel and basic colors you will own a lot of white blocks. Is it bad? No white is a very versatile color for builds, but I don’t think most people would need double the amount of them compared to the other colors.

Rating if you have the basic set 1/5 ⭐️ otherwise 5/5 ⭐️

See my Plus-Plus basic review for ideas on this color.


All of the Plus-Plus pastel colors works great together and there are a lot of things you can build with them. The color set is pretty small so you will have an easy time finding the specific color you need, however this limit of colors are also a down side. If you compare it to the basic set (10 colors), you get a lot more options. Most of the pastel colors also exists in a darker version in the basic set. It’s good to have both a light and a dark version of each color, but it’s a bit more advanced, so it’s properly not the best for those who just started in this hobby and can only afford one set.
The pastel pink is a unique and useful color in the set, that you can only get this way unless you buy the small tubes or instruction build sets.
The pastel yellow and white are not super useful, if you already own the basic set, so then you are left with only new 4 colors.

Final words. This is a good extending to the basic set to get a little more color variation. The pastel set can work on its own, but I think the basic set is over all better. After you have the basic set, then sure get this one or the neon set.

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