Review Plus-Plus mermaid tube

I decided to buy this mermaid Plus-Plus tube recently. In this post im going to go through my thoughts of it and why I bought this tube instead of so many others.

The tube is a mix of pastel, neon plus a good amount of the 2 newer colors gold and peach. The last color peach was the one I was partially interested in, since it is great for skin color and pretty hard to get in Plus-Plus sets.

Plus-Plus colors in the mermaid tube

  • 20 pastel green
  • 18 neon blue
  • 17 peach
  • 14 gold
  • 11 pastel purple
  • 10 neon red
  • 10 pink
  • 1 pastel blue

101 in total. I had to count it multiple times since the package said 100 pieces and every piece was required for the build. Well it’s better with an extra Plus-Plus instead of one short.

Mermaid build

The neon hair seems like a bit of an odd color pick, maybe basic red would be better for a more Ariel (The Little Mermaid) kinda look. The face is also a little bit off to me but other than that, the body and tail used some cool building methods and was fun to make.

I was kinda impressive that the build used all pieces, but it also feels a bit like the background plants and water was made in a way to make sure every piece was used.


This is perhaps the best tube if you need peach Plus-Plus colors and im sure I will be using them for many build! The build itself was alright, but I mainly bought it for the colors.

Im looking forward to using peach instead of yellow or pink for Plus-Plus characters. The was a lot of Plus-Plus superheroes I didn’t make because I didn’t have this color, but now I do!

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