Plus-Plus Spider-Man instructions step by step

In this tutorial I will make the beloved Marvel superhero Spider-Man out of Plus-Plus blocks. This is one of my most popular builds on YouTube. I think it look a lot like our awesome spider friend.

This Plus-Plus figure shape is good to learn since you can make a lot of superhero builds out of it, just by changing the colors.

Let’s start building Spider-Man!

Difficulty: Medium

Time estimate: 5 minute build

What you need for this build

  • 19 red
  • 15 neon blue (or just blue)
  • 1 white
  • 1 black

YouTube tutorial

If you like to have a video guide see the video below. If you prefer step by step guide with images and description, then continue to the next section, where I will do exactly that.

Plus-Plus: Spider-Man Superhero Instructions

Step by step instructions

How to make your own Plus-Plus Spider-Man superhero.

  1. Spider-Man head part 1 of 5

    Start by putting a white and a red Plus-Plus together like this.

  2. Spider-Man head part 2 of 5

    Add 3 more red Plus-Plus on top of the white one.

  3. Spider-Man head part 3 of 5

    Add 1 more red to completely cover the white Plus-Plus from this side.

  4. Spider-Man head part 4 of 5

    Add 1 red on top of the head.

  5. Spider-Man head part 5 of 5

    Place 2 red Plus-Plus as Spider-Mans neck and you are done with the head.

  6. Spider-Man chest

    Take 3 red and 1 black (used for the spider symbol) Plus-Plus.

  7. Join head with chest

    Place the head on top of the chest and it should look like this.

  8. Spider-Man shoulder

    Add 4 neon blue (or just basic blue) as his shoulders. Now you should start to recognise our Marvel hero.

  9. Continue on upper body

    We are almost done with the upper body. Add 2 more neon blue on the side.

  10. Finish upper body

    Add 2 red Plus-Plus and we are done with the upper body.

  11. Arms

    The arms are really easy, just 2 and 2 red Plus-Plus.

  12. Adding arms to Spider-Man

    Add the arms on top of the neon blue shoulders. Now we just need the spider-man

  13. Starting on lower body

    Take 2 neon blue Plus-Plus and place them on top of each other as seen on the image below.

  14. Continue working those lower body

    Add two neon blue on the sides.

  15. Almost done with lower body

    Turn the build around and add one neon blue Plus-Plus.

  16. Spider-Man legs

    Make 2 legs out of 4 neon blue and 2 red Plus-Plus blocks.

  17. Almost done

    Join lower body and legs together

  18. Finish Spider-Man

    Connect the upper and lower body and you are finish. Well done! You now have you own awesome looking Plus-Plus Spider-Manplus-plus spider-man

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