plus plus penguin instructions

I really like making Plus-Plus animals. Here is one of my popular builds, where I make a Plus-Plus penguin. For this build you only need the basic colors, so if you have that then you are good to go. This is an original build made by Plus-Plus Build, hope you enjoy it.

Difficulty: Easy

Time estimate: 3 minutters build

What you need for this build:

  • 16 black
  • 3 white
  • 3 orange

YouTube instructions

Here you can see how I build the penguin. If you want to can follow along. Otherwise check the section below where I will go though the building process step by step with images.

Plus-Plus: Penguin Instructions
Building a Plus-Plus penguin

Step by step guide

Time needed: 3 minutes

Alright let’s get started building with the Plus-Plus penguin.

  1. Begin on penguin head

    Take an orange and a white Plus-Plus and put together.
    Then make the head out of 3 black plus penguin

  2. Now It should look like this.

    plus plus penguin

  3. Finish penguin head

    Then add 3 more black blocks like this and we are done with the penguin plus penguin

  4. Time to make the body

    Take 2 white and 2 black plus penguin

  5. Building back and tail

    Add 3 more black Plus-Plus blocks like plus penguin

  6. Time for the arms

    These are pretty simple, just 4 black pieces.

  7. Finish body

    Add the arms from before and 2 orange blocks as plus penguin

  8. Adjust arms

    Move the arms down a little like plus penguin

  9. Join head and body

    plus plus penguin

  10. Plus-Plus penguin build done

    Well done you now have your own Plus-Plus plus penguin

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Want to build more Plus-Plus animals? I made a playlist with all my animal builds so far.

Making a Plus-Plus Seagull

What now?

If you want to make more Plus-Plus animals then check out the playlist above. Also make sure to comment what build you would like to see next!


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